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'Woes of the bulge'


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You can call me Miss A. I won’t use my real name for fear of not being able to indulge personal details – I can talk about juicier stuff if you don’t know who i am.     

So weight has been a problem with me for years. My Dad isn’t heavy, but my Mum is. I think part of me wants to get in shape so I don’t end up like that. I went through the starve-yourself phase that all us morons go through in high school, not to mention jumping on the Zumba bandwagon along with the Lemon Master Cleanse and those god awful Quick Trim drinks. Let’s see, I also tried Body Trim, Weight Watchers, good ole’ Jenny Craig, Liver Cleanse, Duromine, African Mango .. you name it, I’ve ingested, inserted or inhaled it in a bid to get the perfect figure. The problem is that over the years and years of damage that I did to myself when I was young and naïve I never once considered that I could’ve solved all my problems by being healthy about it.

My kick up the ass was when a friend recommended Ashy Bines last week and said she wanted someone to keep her accountable, and could I go and buy the plan and do it with her. My first question was of course “how much is this going to set me back”. Must admit, pleasantly surprised with the price considering how much I’d paid in the past for programs that weren’t half as good. At first glance, it seemed easy to follow and fairly straightforward when it came to how much planning we’d have to do to follow it. This is my kind of diet (or ‘lifestyle change’ I should say) – easy as hell to follow and I get to pick what I eat. That’s what drove me mad about Lite N Easy (did I mention I’d tried that too, of course). Same stuff every week and I only got a say between Option A or B, neither of which were overly exciting if I’m being honest.

Anyway, I have a few goals that aren’t weight oriented but more just personal to me – some of you might understand a couple of them. I’d love to be able to get dressed in my room with the curtains open in the morning in natural light, not with closed blinds and the bedroom light on instead to disguise some of those lumps and bumps. I’d love to be able to open my wardrobe and put absolutely anything on, as opposed to sticking to the maxi dresses and skirts cause they successfully hide the dreadful Suck n’ Tuck underwear I have to wear to look halfway decent. I’d love to be able to stroll hand in hand to the beach with my boyfriend in just a bikini, no kaftan, sarong, maxi dress or mega towel covering me up. Back to the Suck n’ Tuck underwear (cause I just can’t get enough of them), it would be nice to not feel like I’m starting a forest fire between my thighs in Summer because I have to wear that stupid skin tight control-skirt thing. Would just be nice full stop to not have to wear Suck n’ Tucks – dare to dream.

I love a glass or 5 of red, so I think eliminating alcohol is going to be a horror. I love a good cheese platter too, joy to me. I’m just a tad addicted to Crust pizza unfortunately and I’m not the biggest veggie fan so this really is going to be interesting. I haven’t exercised properly in at least 2-3 years (job, family, moving homes, [insert other clichéd excuse here instead of just saying lazy]) but these FBWs look like they could be right up my street (pardon the unfortunate semi-pun).

I’m hoping to be held accountable by posting on here once a day or every couple of days for all to see. I’ll give a no-holding-back insight to what it’s like for a complete anti-fitness freak to eat and train like this along with probably squeezing a few personal dramas and complaints in too. Thanks in advance for reading all my future ramblings, see you on the other side when we Clean Eaters will of course all be so dam fabulous Victoria’s Secret will have to hire every last one of us. Mission – be the next Miranda Kerr. Yep .. totally doable.

Miss A.

Toxic thoughts are worse than toxic food


 A toxic thought is worse than toxic food!

It is true.. so STOP NOW. Ignore your negative mind that brings you down every day. Stop living your life with your hand break on and start LOVING yourself.

Low self-esteem is one of the biggest issues for women. And I am here to help YOU change it. Become aware of YOUR positive mind (oh your hair looks great today) and your negative mind (gross you are so fat) and understand that they are just thoughts. We become too attached to our thoughts sometimes and make up stories and begin to believe what our negative mind is telling us. How many times do you disown a compliment that someone gives you?!

Friend- “Lisa you are looking really fit and healthy!”

You- “oh no it must be the dress!”

Stop pushing it away. Take a deep slow breathe and as hard as it is, say “THANKYOU” and see how that feels to accept the compliment. Your negative mind may start yelling at you, please just do not attach to it.

I once read an article about a man who was conducting an experiment looking at the crystalline structure of water molecules. He had two separate jars of water from the same tap. Every morning he would say positive, caring, loving and beautiful things to one of them. And the other jar he would say nasty, hateful, negative words to. After a while he looked at the structures under a microscope. The water he said awful things to hardly grew and looked very miserable and dark. The other water structure showed a perfect, bright, glowing crystal formation. How is that for evidence that the way we speak to ourselves on the inside is reflected in our outer appearance!  Remember our body is made up of 75% water …. So think about THAT!!!!

Your healthy eating plan and exercise is definitely a MUST. This article is just an ADD ON to your kick start on living a happy, healthy and confident life! They are all just as important and compensate each other. EAT, SLEEP, EXERCISE, STRESS-LESS and LOVE YOURSELF!!!

A simple little tool I suggest is when you look in the mirror look into your eyes and say a few nice things, for example “I am beautiful and I love you.” Keep repeating it until you can really feel it. It may take 10minutes each day for a few weeks! Or if you look in the mirror and always think negative about yourself and cant bare to think positive just DO NOT THINK AT ALL. Do not judge or beat yourself up about it. Just make some healthy, active and loving choices in your day that will eventually add up to help you boost your self-esteem issues.

Another little tool I do with all my clients is when we are stretching at the end of a session and slowing our deep breaths down I say “put your hands up high to the sky, think of something positive about your body or your life, and then exhale release your hands to touch your toes and release something negative you no longer wish to hold onto.”

We all have a past, we all have a story, we all have issues.. the difference in all of us though is how we REACT or RESPOND to what happened, what is happening or what happens in our lives. We all have a choice in each moment. Do not play the blame game anymore. Take responsibilities for YOUR actions. No one ever makes you do or feel ANYTHING. It is you making the story up. Detach from negativity and start to live the life you have always wanted. Being a ‘poor me’ victim will never get you anywhere because in the end we can only ever rely on one person, OURSELVES!!

I’m not saying you need to be positive and smiling in each moment, I’m just saying feel what you feel, angry, sad, happy, frustrated, and just ACCEPT them and remember they are just feelings and feelings always pass. Change is inevitable.

Toxic, negative, nasty thoughts are not doing you any favours in lif, in fact they are harming your mental and physical state. LET THEM GO and make room for some new positive ones.

We also don’t want to pass toxic thoughts onto our younger generation, especially the younger girls who look up to us in so many ways. Children are more switched on than we know, if they see us putting ourselves down they will think this is normal behaviour and begin to copy us. So start setting an example not only for yourself but for others around you.

It’s not about being happy all the time, it’s about being real! And most of our negative/ TOXIC thoughts are NOT real, so let them go and see how much better you begin to feel <3

In the end its YOUR CHOICE and I know what I choose!


Love Ashy x



Girls Listen Up Fat Is Not The Enemy


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This is one of the areas of nutrition that produces the most debate. Our food guide pyramid makes fat into the "Bad Guy" and as a result, most people are scared of it. Until our clients and readers come to us, they are under the common misconception that fat is out to ruin their bodies and their health! This is simply because they do not understand the role of fat in our diet or how it contributes to optimal health and well-being.


We are going to clear things up for you right now.  Fat is the only macronutrient (the other macronutrients are protein and carbohydrates), that does not effect your insulin AT ALL. In fact, it actually can assist in regulating blood sugar and insulin, which results in less fat storage for you! Fat also stimulates certain hormones in your body that will help to keep you feeling full as well as decrease your cravings.

Vitamins like A, D, E, and K, are absorbed best in the presence of fat, so once again, fat IS required to absorb the nutrients our bodies need to function optimally. If you add a little bit of good fats such as organic butter (REAL butter, NOT margarine or any other fake butter), or olive oil ( a personal favorite of mine) to your veggies, you will absorb the vitamins they provide much more effectively. Be careful when taking vitamin A, D, E, and K supplements however. These are liposoluble vitamins, and if you take too much of any one of these, you can become toxic in the body because they can be stored in the body unlike water soluble vitamins.

Let's talk about some other fun facts about fat.

- Fat is an essential part of our cell membranes and it helps in the detoxification process.

- Good fat sources contain a number antioxidants

- If you eat a diet that is at least 30% made of good fats, you will have healthy sex hormone levels

- When you increase your fat intake, there is an increase in testosterone as a result, which always means

   LESS body fat for the consumer!

- Not enough fat in the diet will basically decrease a man's ability to perform sexually and it also lowers a

   woman's sex drive and vitality. (No Fun!!)

If you want to know if your diet contains 30% of good fat,  it's important for you to know your total caloric intake each day and how many calories you are consuming from fat on each day.  Calorie King is a great resource for stuff like this. It is an online calculator that helps you with all your calorie calculations. It's very cool J

We NEED Omega 3 fats for our brains to function optimally. DHA is a good source of this for our brains. EPA is another Omega 3 that helps with inflammation, which again, we NEED. Inflammation is known as "The Silent Killer." It is one of the leading causes of disease and death in the world today because we rarely know when we are under it's attack until it's too late. EPA also helps lubricate the joints and reduces inflammation in injuries for faster recovery an minimizing pain. The amount each o us need is bio-individual, but typically around 4000mg of high quality Omega 3 (combined DHA and EPA) from fish oil per day is an effective amount. These types of Omega 3's also increase the basal metabolic rate, helping you to burn more calories overall throughout the day. As you provide your body with proper amounts of high quality Omega 3 fats, it become efficient in using fat for fuel, and as a result, you grow stronger and leaner because you increase muscle and decrease body fat at a faster rate.

So these are just a few of the amaaazing benefits of good fat consumption. Honestly, we could go on all day talking about the many more good things fat has to offer your health and fat loss. However, for purposes of this article I am going to summarize.

Now, there are definitely some not so good things about eating fat. First of al, make sure you know the difference between good fat and bad fat. Trans fat is an example of bad fat. It is the WORST fat, and illegal in more and more countries and cities now, due to it's disease causing properties. Trans fat is also known as hydrogenated fat. If it's on your food label...throw it away right now! Hydrogenated means that they have added hydrogen atoms to the natural fat, which changes it from it's purest form. Food companies began doing this because it helped food last longer and taste a bit better. The flip side of that was people began getting sick, obese, and dying.

It has been said that if you eat trans fat, or hydrogenated oils, you will gain a 1/3 inch on your waist line PER YEAR! This is shocking isn't it? Especially because trans fat is everywhere! It's hidden in cakes, snacks, cookies, margarine, and almost every fried food. Yep...the French fries and packaged snacks have to go BU-BYE.

What's SCARY is that Australia has no legislation requiring trans fat to be removed from foods as they do in other countries who have become much more health conscious such as Canada. Read your food labels. Stay away from packages foods as much as possible, sticking to natural, whole foods that have not been processed or removed from their most natural state. If you buy something in a box or package, READ THE LABEL. Avoid buying trans fat at ALL COSTS. If you don't it will cost you WAY more that what's on the price tag.

The typical Western diet promotes lots of Omega 6 fats vs. Omega 3 fats. Omega 6 fats are not bad necessarily, unless you are consuming much more of these than Omega 3's. When Omega 6's totally outbalance Omega 3's, it creates metabolic disaster in our bodies. A health ratio of Omega 6:Omega 3 should be in the range of 4-2:1, whereas some experts report that the predominant Western diet has a ratio of 40:1.

The main source of Omega 6 in our diets usually comes from vegetable derived oils like canola. Rather than using vegetable oil, change it up and use organic REAL butter, macadamia oil, and use Omega 3 supplements to support a healthy metabolism and body. This will also go a long way in correcting the out of balance ratio between Omega 6 and Omega 3 in your diet.

A good place to get your fat sources are from smaller fish. Larger fish such as swordfish, tuna, and shark, all tend to contain higher levels of mercury than the smaller varieties.

Some other great sources of Omega 3's are ground flax seeds, a mixture of different kinds of nuts (except peanuts which are actually a legume), avocado oil, olive oil, macadamia oil, coconut meat and avocados.

Most NATURAL occurring fats are good sources to add into you daily food intake. As you can see now, fat is not the "Bad Guy" the food guide pyramid makes it out to be. It just really comes down to what types of fat you are eating. Fat has far too much for you to benefit from for you to not take me seriously and begin adding it into your lifestyle plan.


Have you begun to heal your relationship with fat? As you choose to nourish and nurture your body with high quality, natural sources of fat, your body will repay you ten fold. You will feel better, think more clearly, have more energy, reduce your body fat, increase your strength and lean muscle tissue, and avoid health risks such as cancer, heart disease, and hormonal imbalances. Here's to your happiest and healthiest you!

Love Ashy xx

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